I'm back, sort of

What was expected to be found?

Polyps, pre-cancer cells, a large pre-cancerceous mass.

What was found?

Polyps, pre-cancerous cells, cancer cells, a large pre-cancerous mass far more exensive and solid than expected.

We talked to the surgeon last Monday. He got everything he needed to get out. Everything.

Random Obervations

1 While on pain meds you have some really strange dreams. How strange? Remember Green Lantern, the early sixties superhero in an emerald and black costume wielding a magical Power Ring as a weapon? His alter ego was human test pilot Hal Jordan. As a member of the intergalactic Green Lantern Corps Hal protected Earth and other planets in his sector. GL was nearly invincible against everything except the color yellow. He was also a member of the group known as the Justice League of America.

I did dream of more than superheroes though. There were student’s I’ve had, schools where I’ve taught, theatre that I’ve done and not to mention a whole lot of s#&t that just made no sense at all.

2 The IV machine makes a different sound on AC than it does on batteries. On AC, Hmmmmmm …Hmmmmmm … and so on. On batteries, pa pa pa pa pa pa Pa Pa Pa … pa pa pa pa pa pa PA PA PA. The things you find interesting when you can’t sleep.

3 Hospital food tastes like crap, especially the broth and the jello. Even the fruit juices.

4 Your meds will be screwed up at least once. Count on it.

5 The reading material and music you take will never get used. Don’t even pack it.

6 During your hospital stay there will be some things that you’ll never do gracefully or with any degree of dignity whatsoever. I just ain’t gonna happen, so live with it doood.

7 Older Black women still sing as they go about their work. I’d missed that.

8 I don’t have friends, only family. Family gets you through these little speed bumps. Thanks Mrs. Cg, Mom, Mike and Deb, Mike and Barb, Number One Son and Em, Number One Daughter, David, Josh, Tristen, Jon, Liz, Stephanie and Derick, Mac Gage, Jordi, Rob and Judy, Jackie P., Steve and Ida, Gerri and Terron, Stephanie, Howard R., Desi, Carla, Clyde Williams, Brad, Pat P., Vickie, Susan, Ginger and Jim, Ellen and Zoe. If I missed someone, blame the meds.


Be back soon

By the time you read this I'll be at St. Francis Hospital being prepared for surgery. I got the news about a month ago. Since then I’ve been trying to write this post.

About a month ago I saw a gastroenterologist and had a colonoscopy. It was my first colonoscopy. I knew that there wasn't a history of cancer on my mother's side of the family. On my father's side, I had no clue. I’m over fifty. I should have had my first before turning fifty. Nevertheless, I didn’t.

This all began about three months ago when I went to my primary care physician for my annual physical. Everything was fine except for some polyps and a little blood. So I was sent to see a gastroenterologist. The gastroenterologist scheduled a colonoscopy. Some of the polyps were removed during the procedure. Some weren’t. In addition to the polyps a pre-cancerous mass was found in my large intestine. I needed surgery. A week later I met with a surgeon.

The pre-cancerous mass is not malignant, but it does need removing. Another doctor I talked with asked if I realized what was the key word in the phrase pre-cancerous mass. I didn’t know. He said that it’s “pre”. That means that it’s a step above cancer. Good. The surgery is not emergency surgery. Good. There is still plenty of time and the situation isn’t life and death. Not yet, at least.

I realize that this is serious. In addition, I understand pre-cancerous. Mrs. Cg was worried that I’d have a problem getting my mind around all this and that it might be a good idea to talk to shrink. I’ve done that before. This time I have my mind around the situation. I’ve been through other life and death situations in my life. They turned out to be speed bumps. This is just another speed bump.

Anxious? Probably. Worried? I don't think so. Stressed? Let's just say that my blood glucose level has been sky high since getting the news, so I must be. But I know that I'll get through this.

Consider me the colonoscopy poster child. If you’re approaching fifty, get checked. If there’s a history of colon cancer in your family, get checked. If you’re over fifty, get checked. It’s painless. You'll probably even sleep through the procedure like I did. Remember, If you don’t get checked you’ll never know if there’s a problem. You won’t know until it’s too late. So, get checked.

Read more about colonoscopies and colon cancer.

BTW, "Be back soon" was not my first choice for a title. Mrs. Cg didn't think "Does this pre-cancerous mass make me look fat?" was appropriate.


Leon, I expected better from you

I just read Leon Gray's latest post at the PROGRESSIVE TALK 680 BLOG. He opens with a discussion of right and wrong using cigarette and beer ads and the KKK having the right to spew hatred as examples. Okay, I got that.

Then there's this:

I will now cut my own throat… Gays and Lesbians wanted feel free to flaunt their sexuality, excuse me their sexual orientation, which without any doubt is a personal choice, and now have managed to force society to see it their way (meaning that their right)… or at least act like it.
So Leon is saying that being gay is not only a choice, but a wrong choice. Moreover, this wrong choice is being accepted by the non-gay community, therefore the non-gay community is also doing wrong.

He goes on to say that "most of us have chosen to do wrong in our lives and now just don’t feel comfortable openly pointing out the wrongs of others. We’re missing the boat! At this rate, our society will change its position to accommodate any and all wrongs based on a person having the alleged right to choose to do wrong."

Leon is just wrong in his thinking here. In this post he shows both his ignorance and his bigotry. I expected better from him.

Just go read the whole thing. Then read LeftWingCracker and Autoegocrat.

Oral history

In another life I was a grad student living in Atlanta. I was a history major working on a degree at Atlanta University (A.U.). One of my teachers was a Dr. Blalock. Among other things, Dr. Blalock was working on a history of the community in which A.U. was located. He decided that the best way to accomplish this was by interviewing the oldest residents of the community. Being one of his grad students I worked on the project. (It became a running joke that the last thing some of those residents saw before they died was Dr. Blalock with his tape recorder.)

I enjoyed working on that project and it introduced me to the importance of oral history. When I read the Commercial Appeal's article on "largest oral history project ever" I was immediately interested.

Before there were $1 million homes on Mud Island, people like Lillian 'Lily' Bukewicz grew up there -- living in a tent as she watched her mother cook on an open fire and her father chop wood.

Sitting in a 26-foot Airstream trailer at the Peabody Place trolley stop, the wispy 81 year-old talked recently from inside a sound booth about her life. It was part of what's being touted as the "largest oral history project ever."

Sponsored locally by public radio station WKNO, the StoryCorps mobile recording booth rolled into town Thursday and will be in Memphis until Halloween, recording stories of everyday people's lives. Nationally, the Center for Public Broadcasting, National Public Radio and Saturn Corp. are helping to fund the project that started in October 2003 in New York City.

Read the complete article. Then read more about the StoryCorps project.

It makes you think

First Michael Hooks Sr. is indicted in the Tennessee Waltz case. Then wife Janet informs us that she's giving up her city council seat to head the city's multicultural affairs office. Now Michael Jr. has decided to resign from the Memphis City School Board to return to school and spend more time with family.

So what's up with all of this? Is it coincidence or what?

Go read the article on Michael Hooks Jr.

Katrina response update

FEMA came to the dance with problems. Read about the internal memos.


Trust Bush

Trust our president to realize that there is a problem and come up with the best possible solution.


A good choice

By now everyone has heard that Memphis City Council member Janet Hooks is vacating her council seat to manage the city's Office of Multicultural and Religious Affairs. You also have probably read all the speculation as to why she's making this career change. Well, speculate on my friend, because that isn't the purpose of this post. This post has to do with those who will fill her vacated council seat.
The city charter requires council members to fill the vacancy through a majority vote within 30 days of Hooks's resignation. The successor must live in the council district and would serve through the next regular election in August or November 2006.
According to the Commercial Appeal, the contenders are attorney Dedrick Brittenum Jr., State Representative Henri Brooks, radio talk show host Janis Fullilove, Memphis City School Board member Michael Hooks Jr., Hanley Elementary School principal Ruby Payne, neighborhood activist Elbert Rich Jr., and Rev. Kenneth Whalum Jr.

One those names caught my eye. Elbert Rich Jr.

He's vice president of the Barksdale/Cloverdale Neighborhood Association and treasurer of the David Street block club in the district.

Elbert has represented his community as a delegate to Neighborhoods USA (NUSA) and has served on NUSA's bord of directors. He is also a Precinct Goodwill Ambassador to the Memphis Police Department's Southeast Precinct.

When asked about the council seat, Elbert says he's "definitely interested" in the job.
"I feel like I've been doing the job on a smaller scale anyway," he said. "I'm coming from the grass roots. I hear the complaints. I hear the frustration from the people in the community."
The Memphis City Council couldn't make a better choice.

Read the complete story.

And just in case you were wondering ...

In case you were wondering why things are the way they are, Fafblog interviews GOD.

Last Best Chance

I heard about this movie on CBS' Sunday Morning and thought it sounded interesting. It won't be coming to a theatre near you though it will be shown on HBO tomorrow night. Or, you can order your own free DVD.

Just talking the talk isn’t enough

Young repub leaders talk a good game but they refuse to play. Since they support the war, they should fight the war.

Hat tip to Operation Yellow Elephant.

Serious stuff

Something else for the "Would I make this stuff up" file.


More on Voodoo Music Experience

It seems that The Voodoo Music Experience line up and dates have changed since my last post. Two of those additions are truly "can't miss".

A previously announced Neville Brothers free concert, along with other Neville-related acts, is set for Oct. 29 in Handy Park.

Another New Orleans legend, Dr. John, will play a free Handy Park show Oct. 30.

Did I mention the word FREE? OMG!!!

Speaking of the news ...

It was the title that got me; "News can be disastrous to watch". I knew that this was true of some sitcoms, series and movies; but TV news never occured to me until I read this.

Breaking news, breaking news ...

Reliable sources report that the Wookee Chewbacca will become a U.S. citizen. It is thought that this move will open the U.S. citizenship door to Jawas, Martians, Hobbits, Krytonians and some other not so obvious extraterrestrials.