And they call them rodeos?

Ever hear of hot-dog rodeos, hog-dog rodeos or hog dogging? These are defined as blood sport events in which trained dogs fight wild hogs. Still with me? Disgusted? I hope so. The following editorial is from The Commercial Appeal. There is a ray of hope though. Read on.
End barbaric "rodeos"
March 30, 2005

As grotesque as it might seem, cheering crowds are gathering at arenas across the South to watch large, ferocious dogs chase feral pigs until the squealing swine are
caught and brought down by what's left of their shredded, bloodied ears. Families in the grandstands are enjoying the show.

This in no way resembles a fair fight. The pigs in the so-called hog-dog rodeos have had their tusks blunted and are helpless against pit bulls and other muscular breeds set loose on them. It's not a question of whether the dog brings the hog down. It's how fast. There is, of course, a lot of money on the line.
Bills in the Tennessee General Assembly would outlaw hog-dog rodeos. Sponsored by Sen. Curtis Person, R-Memphis, and Rep. Brian Kelsey, R Germantown, the legislation would add hog-dog contests to a list of banned activities that includes dog, cock, bull and bear fights. Hog-dog rodeos are spinoffs from boar hunting, which is popular in East Tennessee and where most of the opposition to the legislation will emerge. Some opponents regard such bans as the leading edge of a campaign against sport hunting, although the legislation specifically excludes training dogs for hunting and law enforcement purposes. None of the opponents can offer any reasonable rationale for what goes on in hog-dog rodeos. The practice has already been determined to be illegal in such traditional hunting states as Louisiana, Texas and Florida. Animal cruelty statutes elsewhere in the South are being tested to find out if they can be brought into play.

In Tennessee, the General Assembly should not hesitate to pass this bill. Hog-dog rodeos have no resemblance to sport. There is no excuse for allowing this barbaric practice to continue.


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