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Picked this up from MSNBC's First Read.

Remember when BC'04 tied Kerry to Whoopi Goldberg after Goldberg turned the
President's last name into a sexual reference at that "Hollywood-style New York"
fundraiser? The Terri Schiavo case is immeasurably grave and tragic. We raise the Whoopi incident only to point out that in politics, when you share a stage with passionate activists, you can be affected by the review.

What's going on with the Schiavo case now, and whatever may happen as it nears its seemingly more and more inevitable conclusion, may affect how the public views congressional Republicans, the President, and the GOP.

Figuring that out, however, will take time and patience. We don't know that the new Gallup poll showing Bush with his lowest approval rating of his presidency, 45%, is because of the Schiavo case. It may -- or, may also -- have to do with Social Security, the economy, gas prices, and/or the war. And to the extent that it is because of the Schiavo case, it may inch back up later on. (More)


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