Never Assume

At this point, I think we all can agree that the Terri Schiavo case is a mess. Tragic, but none the less a mess. One that could have been avoided if her wishes had been put in the form of a living will. Telling someone is all well and good, but put it in writing. That way, there's no doubt. Never assume anything.

Then there's this from Newsweek:

First of all, this is not a fight about a feeding tube in a woman in Florida. This is a fight about the political power of the Christian right. The argument from Bishop Sgreccia is like saying, “Tom Delay just said, ‘In America we never stop feeding tubes'.” That doesn’t make it true. The fact of the matter is that feeding tubes are removed every day in hospitals around this country. We solved this question medically in the United States in 1984 when the American Medical Association said that patients who are terminally ill and/or in a persistent vegetative state, it is ethically acceptable to remove all medical interventions, including artificial nutrition and fluids. That’s the official statement of the American Medical Association. (Full Story)


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