Take Victor Crump, for example...

As usual, Wendi makes valid points.

Thomas: Maybe Right Woman's Love Could Have Steered him Away from Crime
By Wendi C. Thomas

March 29, 2005

Every time I see a young black man's mug shot in the paper or on TV, I'm hit with the same unsettling thought.

He could have been some black woman's husband.

Take Victor Crump, 18, who confessed last week to two

In his booking photo, you can see the tattoo on his neck, the fuzzy
cornrows, a brown sweatshirt.

I see a handsome young man, one who with a crisp shirt and a nice tie, rebraided hair, a solid education and different circle of friends, could have matured into a good husband.

If he's found guilty, he deserves prison time, not a wife. (Full Story)


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