Harold Ford Jr.’s fundraiser at the Hilton on ‘Ridgelake Boulevard Wednesday
night was a big-time social event at one level and a serious real-world enterprise on another. Though the invitation (signed onto by 80 sponsors!) bore the words “Releect Harold Ford," the event was fairly universally seen as an effort to build a kitty for the 9th District congressman’s long-expected U.,S. Senate race in 2006.
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All this and Ford Jr. hasn't officially declared that he's running for the Senate yet. Interesting. Wonder why? Maybe he's thinking, should I run. Should I not run. Should I run. Should I not run. I know. Throw a fundraiser. I'm running for reelection to the House anyway. Whatever I do, I'll need the money.

One more thing, there's real interesting quote at the very bottom of the story. Go read.


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