Big Mac rap may mean artists' payday

It's true, it's true. Mickey Dee's is paying rappers each time a track is played on radio that mentions the term Big Mac. It's called name-checking. Is this a wonderful country, or what?

Rap artists are accustomed to name-checking prestige car, clothing and jewellery brands in their lyrics. But if McDonald's has its way Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z and 50 Cent may soon be giving it up for the humble beefburger.

The fast-food giant is reported to be launching a campaign that will offer financial incentives to rap artists who mention its Big Mac burger in their lyrics. McDonald's will not pay an upfront fee, but intends to pay the artist between $1 and $5 (53p-£2.68) each time a track is played on the radio. It hopes to have several suchsongs on the airwaves by the summer. Full story>>.

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