Bush Press Conference

After Bush's press conference last night it's to be expected that the media would be full of commentary. Now what did we learn? Let's see. He's for social security benefit cuts, the private accounts idea is circling the drain, his great energy plan ain't gonna' help lower current gasoline prices, he's backing away from GOP conservatives over the role of religion in politics, Bolton is still his main man, Demos just don't like his judicial nominees, partisanism in Washington is bad, Russian President Putin has been naughty, and things are ducky in Iraq. Does that about cover it all?

For me, the most interesting aspect was the coverage itself.

"The White House had rescheduled Thursday from 7:30 to 7 to get the networks to
air the press conference live in prime time during a key ratings week.

But three of the nation's four top networks -- ABC stuck with him -- gave Bush the hook.

'I don't want to cut into some of these TV shows that are getting ready to air, for the sake of the economy,' Bush said.

But just before 8 p.m., CBS and NBC dropped Bush for 'Survivor' and 'The Apprentice.'

Fox anchor Shepard Smith abruptly cut into Bush's answer of the final question to shift away to Paris Hilton and 'A Simple Life: The Interns.'" Full story>>


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