How 'bout that '65 Plymoth Valiant?

It has always been tempting to think you can figure out who a person is and what he thinks by what he drives. That subject was raised recently by Chely Wright in her country and western hit, ''Bumper of My S.U.V.,'' in which she tells of a ''lady in a minivan'' giving her a vulgar hand gesture for driving a car with a Marines bumper sticker:

''Does she think she knows what I stand for/Or the things that I believe/Just by looking at a sticker for the U.S. Marines/On the bumper of my S.U.V.?''

The lady in the minivan might not know, but some of the finest minds in market research think they do. By analyzing new-car sales, surveying car owners and keeping count of political bumper stickers, they are identifying the differences between Democratic cars and Republican ones.

Oh, and according to Art Spinella, the president of CNW Marketing Research of Bandon, Oregon "Democrats buy cars, Republicans buy trucks."

I drive a ten year old Toyota T-100 pick-up. Its not the biggest of the Toyota line, but it's not the small sport pick-up either. And, I AM NOT A REPUBLICAN. Not hardly. So, what does that say about me? By the way, my next vehicle will probably be a foreign hybrid.

Interesting article. A little too pat though. Full story>>


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