Passports please

If you read the morning paper you know that travelers "headed into the U.S. from Canada, Mexico or Bermuda will have to show a passport ," beginning in January of 2008. Our daughter lives in Alaska. She's been there since 1992. We've visited her and her family five times now. We drove four times. (We enjoy camping.) We flew once. She's visited us numerous times since '93. Never once were we asked for any ID other than a drivers license.

I know, I know. Homeland security, and all that. I do get it. Really. But Passport fees are presently $95. And you know fees will increase. So, couldn't they shave some off the price? It would help.

Travelers headed into the United States from Canada, Mexico or Bermuda will have to show a passport under new rules that will be phased in by January 2008 as part of an effort to increase security at the nation's borders, officials said Tuesday.

The lack of a requirement that United States citizens, or Mexicans and Canadians in many cases, display passports at land borders, airports or seaports, since Sept. 11 has been considered a major flaw in the effort to secure the borders.

United States citizens can now re-enter the country from Canada and often from Mexico, the Caribbean, Bermuda and Panama by showing a driver's license. Similarly, certain foreigners are not required to present passports to travel to the United States from these countries. (Full story)


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