Pet peeve

I found this in this morning edition of The Commercial Appeal in the Daybreak section. This has been a pet peeve since I began driving. And, merging at the front of the line is just plain skipping. Remember that from elementary school?

Attention, idiot drivers

Mind if we cut in? And sooner than later, please: The state's Department of Transportation held five simultaneous news conferences around the state Monday to get this message across: When you see a construction-zone sign that says "merge left" -- do it.

Don't sit there gabbing on your cell, thinking you'll get to it later.

Don't be a jerk and decide not to let anyone merge in front of you.

And don't try to blow past everyone and merge at the front of the line.

Besides being boorish, none of these moves work.

If you hold up the line, your delay is multiplied by all the drivers behind you, so that we ALL get yelled at by the boss for being late.


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