Rainy days and Mondays ...

It has rained nearly all day. Some lightning, a little thunder. We got off better than areas further south. Mississippi, Lousiana; they had major storms. Tornadic activity, as the weather casters say now. Tornadic. (I hate that word. Is it a real word?) Here, it's just been very Blade Runneresque. Right now, the sky has a yellow cast to it. Very sci-fi.

Because of the weather, the big girls have been inside most of the day. The big girls; Molly and Cheyenne. Actually, they're both still puppies. Molly's about nine moths, while Cheyenne is pushing thirteen months. Still just puppies. They really needed time outside to run and wrestle, but given that the backyard is mostly a muddy swamp they've been inside.

That's okay. We like having them inside. They are good girls. Besides, we had no where to go and no real reason to even be out of the house. Yard work and errands were yesterday. So everything worked out.


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