Well, we are not anarchists; we are iconoclasts

BAGHDAD, IRAQ—The Iraqi people don't have to tell me what it's like to live in a dictatorship. I've spent over 16 years in the Army. "Listen up, today, your favorite color is blue. Any people you run across who are trying to kill Americans are to be referred to as 'anti-Iraqi forces.' You are quite fond of pistachio-flavored ice cream. If you capture a weapons cache, you will pronounce cache 'cash-ay' and not 'cash'—we suspect that word may be French."

The above is from an essay by Craig A. McNeil, an Army reserve officer who spent time in the sandbox. War is hell. It always will be. Maybe that's the reason I like his take on being a soldier in a combat zone. It's quite different from what you usually read. (More)


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