“According to our records, Anni is due for the following treatments…” *

*This posting title is the postcard message we received from our old vet today.

Last May 24, wife and I went to the pound. Gretel, the last of our companion animals had died a couple of months before and we were finally ready to get another. We had debated whether to look for a puppy or a full-grown dog. We were still debating when we arrived at the pound.

Have you ever been to the local pound? When you enter, the first cages you see are for filled with puppies. Therefore, we looked at the puppies first. There were a lot of them, but they all seemed to be either napping or somehow listless. All except one. That one was jumping up and down, barking, rattling it’s cage door as if to say, “Chose me, chose me. Take me home. I’m ready to go.” We looked at that one. It was a very energetic, four month old, black and white mixed breed. We looked at the others, but I could not get her out of my mind.
We picked her. On the other hand, she picked us. If we had not chosen her she would have been put to sleep later that day. We could not take her home that day though. She still needed shots. We could pick her up on May 26, our wedding anniversary. For that reason, we named her Anni; short for anniversary.

Anni was the best little girl we had ever had. She was so smart. She learned come, sit, and fetch amazingly quick. She brought a bright spot to both our lives. We loved her so much.

Anni had been with us about a month when we noticed something peculiar. Her rear legs would occasionally twitch uncontrollably. I hit the net to do some research. What I came up with pointed to distemper. A visit to our vet confirmed this.

Apparently, if Anni had gotten her first set of puppy shots before she reached three months, the onset of distemper could have been prevented. However, she was four months old when we adopted her.

The vet told us that some puppies beat distemper. We administered meds he prescribed and even fed her beef liver to build her strength. It did not work. The distemper became worse. Anni was obviously in a great deal of pain. The only solution at this point was to have her put down. We were devastated but we realized that there was no other choice.

Anni was put down on July 5, of 2004. She is not in pain anymore.


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