Bernard Pivot's Questionnaire

Ever heard of Bernard Pivot? No? That means that you probably also don't know of James Lipton. Okay, let's begin with Lipton. James Lipton is the host of Bravo's Inside the Actors Studio.

My Favorite Word: Coup d'état. No wait. That's two words. Or is it three. Anyway, I just like the way it sounds.

My Least Favorite Word: No

Noise I love: The sound of a well-tuned Harley

Noise I hate: Window-rattling loud music blaring from a car sound system

What turns me on (spiritually, creatively): Almost anything creative and done well

What turns me off: The phrase "but we've always done it that way," and those who use it

Profession I would like to attempt: Artist

Profession I would hate: Any profession that would require that I always be in an office setting and wear a tie

My favorite curse-word: Shit

If heaven exists, what would I like to hear God say when I arrive: Oh my, you do exist.


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