Ceremony gone wild

It's graduation time in Memphis again. Translation: It's time to get wild in public again. At least that seems to be how many family members and friends of graduating seniors at White Station seemed to feel. Being that The Daughter is a White Station grad this Memphis Flyer article caught my attention.

As a parent of a member of White Station High School's Class of 2005, I was hoping for obvious reasons that Sunday's graduation ceremony would be orderly, at least until the roll call got through the B's.

It was, but barely. The announcement of at least a third of the subsequent graduates' names was met by a chorus of whoops, cheers, and even dancing in the aisles by pockets of -- what? -- friends and family members in the audience at the Mid-South Coliseum. One boisterous group sitting behind me must have an awfully big family, because they roared so many times I finally got tired of turning around.

It gets better. Read on >>


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