Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was The Wife’s and my twenty-first wedding anniversary. (And, they said it wouldn’t last.) Twenty-one years married; twenty-two together. Wonderful, turbulent, tearful, exciting, nerves racking and joyful are all valid descriptors for our relationship. In addition, two great kids to boot! Something for everyone. Could it have been any better? I think not.

Twenty-one years ago (yesterday) we were married at what was then a Lutheran Church located on Getwell just south of Park. We met there at nine in the morning. An old friend who was a minister at said church performed the ceremony. (That is why the Lutheran church.) Small ceremony: The Mom and her brother; The Wife’s two (my soon to be step) kids; and two close friends. That’s all. After the ceremony, we adjoined to the Peabody for an early lunch.

That night, we partied. It was Memphis in May, you know. We met friends downtown and tried to get tickets to see Sam and Dave at the Orpheum. Seems like a lot of others had the same idea. The show was sold out. Therefore, the powers that be decided to close off Main in front of the Orpheum and all of Beale, put huge speakers outside the theatre, and pipe the concert to the masses that could not get tickets. The four of us danced in the street for hours with a couple of thousand of our best friends. A good time was had by all.

I don’t know if the concert actually ended, or we just danced ourselves out. I do remember that we spent the rest of the evening mellowing out to the sounds of Honeymoon Garner and Fred Ford at The Daisy. It was a great day.


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