In South Memphis? I don't think so.

South Memphis is sometimes treated like the red-headed step child of Memphis. Granted, Frayser, Whitehaven and several other parts of the city get the same treatment, but it seems to be true more often of South Memphis. The latest case has to do with the attempted location of a Pull-a-Part facility in South Memphis. So what is Pull-a-Part? It’s an auto salvage yard chain, that’s what. How does it work? You find vehicle with the part you need on their lot, remove that part, and then take it home for installation on your vehicle. All for a fee, of course. Simple, right?

We South Memphis residents want no part of Pull-a-Part. Neither does Rita Harris of the Sierra Club.

Harris says South Memphis residents oppose Pull-a-Part on Belz Road because they fear it will lower property values and increase crime.

The proposed property is currently zoned for light industrial, but the "un-junkyard" is considered heavy industrial. According to Don Jones at the Memphis & Shelby County Division of Planning and Development, the company has applied for "planned-development" status, which means they would be able to locate there without a zoning change or a special use permit, but if they ever left, other heavy industrial businesses would still have to reapply for approval.

Did I mention that this Pull-a-Part facility was originally planned for Whitehaven last year? Whitehaven residents said, “No way.” Now the owners of Pull-a-Part are trying for South Memphis. For the Full story>>


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