Just another Sunday morning?

Just another Sunday morning, though this one began late for us. We didn’t wake up until sometime after nine! We must have been out too late last night, but it was Susan’s birthday. We met her for dinner at On the Border and had good Mexican food and outstanding ‘ritas. Maybe too many ‘ritas. Anyway, it was a good night.

We got home just after midnight. “Miles to go before I sleep…” Feed the puppies and bed them down. Round up the kitties. Check and respond to email. Watch Channel 5 and Channel 3 ten o’clock newscasts. Tivo’ed them both to find out the latest on Tennessee Waltz and John Ford’s dance with the feds. We did not get to bed until after one this morning.

The fact that Ford resigned from the Tennessee legislature is a good thing. However, why did he resign? Does he feel that this indictment is something he cannot beat because he really is guilty, or what?

I talked to a neighbor yesterday about Ford’s indictment. She is a full-blown Ford fan. He had not yet announced his resignation. She felt that Ford was set up because he is Black and that he had not done anything wrong. She even stated that he was “too smart” to have been caught up in something that was so obviously a trap. This is the same neighbor who admitted months ago “we all know John Ford is ethically challenged, but we keep voting for him anyway.” Why keep voting for him? He is Black. Sad, isn’t it. Too many feel that way about him and other “ethically challenged” Black leaders here in Memphis.

Okay, I’m off the soapbox. The paper wasn’t on the lawn when we got up. Had to call to have it delivered. Watched about five minutes of CBS Sunday Morning and the phone rang. It was The Wife’s Mom. Then My Mom called; then Susan; and, then Ida called. Now it’s noon. All I can say is, ain’t Tivo wonderful?


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