More on John Ford

Ford bonded out for $20,000. That's it? Just $20,000 for the man who threatened to kill undercover FBI agents and has a habit of waving guns at people? What am I missing here? He has been placed on house arrest.

After prosecutors appealed the decision to let Ford go, a hearing on the issue was set for Tuesday with Ford ordered to remain at home until then. Other conditions for Ford's release included requiring him to say where he will live. Ford maintains separate households with two women who have had his children. An attorney wrote the address Ford picked on a piece of paper and showed it to the judge. He also must keep his job, wear an electronic monitor, not contact any witnesses and not keep any firearms. Prosecutors said during the hearing that a search of Ford's property found two revolvers and a removable magazine for another handgun. He also can't leave the federal court district except to appear in Nashville before the Senate Ethics Committee, which is investigating him on an array of unrelated allegations. Ford cannot attend regular sessions of the Legislature, which is working to adjourn this week.

You think his ankle bracelet matches Martha's? Read the complete story at the Channel 5 website. For a related story, try the Memphis Flyer.


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