Panic in the Capital, Pt. II

Found this secret memo from Karl Rove posted at http://www.madkane.com/notable.html that may explain why the President was not informed that a small plane intruded on Capital airspace until after the fact.

From: Karl_Rove@Whitehouse.gov
To: Everyone
Subject: Rule #1
Date: January 20, 2001

Never bother the Prez while he's having some fun,
Or he's taking a nap,
Or he's out for a run.

Never bother the Prez while he's riding his bike,
Or he's clearing some brush,
Or he's taking a hike.

Never mention that we could be under attack,
That a plane pilot's course
Is severely off track.

Most important don't reference science or facts,
That could prove that Dub's plans
May be way out of whack.


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