Se habla ...?

The fact that I haven't blogged since the end of April doesn't mean that I've gotten blogging out of my system. It just means that I've been away for awhile. Wife and I took a temporary paying gig with the University of Memphis' Department of Education. (Don't you just love that word paying?) For two weeks we tested the reading skills of first and second graders in the Chattanooga (week one) and Nashville areas (week two). Monday and Tuesday of next week we'll be in the Moscow/Grand Junction areas. Then it's over until sometime in the Fall.

Interesting gig. Ran across some really sharp kids. I didn't realize that there was such a large hispanic community in Middle and Eastern Tennessee. Mexico and many Central and South American countries were represented there. All were fluent in English but spoke Spanish at home. We even ran into one English-fluent kid who spoke Spanish and Arabic at home! Can you say tri-lingual? And, can you say it in any language other than English?


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