South Memphis: Neighborhood Fun, Pt. I

As you know, wife and I have been out of town quite a bit for the past three weeks. (Hence, the low blog post output.) We just returned from the latest trip this past Friday (5.13.05) afternoon. Were we in for a shock. The people in the house across the side trip from us have been evicted, or set out as its better known. It was a mess. Everything was just dumped on the front lawn and in front of the garage.

Here’s the situation. They lived in that house for about the last ten or twelve years. They were not renting. They were buying that house.

This was one of those extended family situations. I grew up in one of those. The family originally consisted of the mother, two of her grown children, and her invalid brother. Of the two children, the daughter is mentally challenged while the son is a recreational drug abuser and involved with the neighborhood dealers. The mentally challenged daughter’s little girl was also in the house.

Actually, the mother was buying the house with an MHA loan. The loan was paid with money from her Social Security check, and the disability checks of the invalid brother, mentally challenged daughter, and recreational drug abuser son. No problem though. Then, the invalid brother dies. Next, the mother dies. There is less money coming in. Neither the recreational drug abuser son nor the mentally challenged daughter has a job.

It was then decided that the little girl needed to be in a more stable environment, so out-of-state relatives took her in. Those same relatives somehow got hold of the mothers’ bank account number. To take care of the little girl they drew on the account. Heavily. They drained it. The recreational drug abuser son could not make the mortgage payments. MHA wants its money. MHA throws recreational drug abuser son and mentally challenged daughter out of their home of twelve years.

However, what of the clean up? Because of recent changes in laws, MHA is responsible for the clean up. However, they did not want to step up and take care of the situation. Instead, MHA wanted to wait until after normal trash pick up and then clean up whatever the trash man did not get. That sucks.

Bottom line: the mentally challenged daughter and the recreational drug abuser son are temporarily living with his daughter and her family in another part of the city.

To be continued …


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