South Memphis: Neighborhood Fun, Pt. II

You may want to reread Neighborhood Fun, Pt. I to refresh your memory.

Where did we leave off in the saga? Oh yeah: the mentally challenged daughter and the recreational drug abuser son are temporarily living with his daughter and her family in another part of the city. At least that is what he told everyone.

The recreational drug abuser son returned to the house the next day. He wanted to get some more of their possessions before the trash or MHA people showed up. While he was, there MHA showed up and threatened to call the MPD if he did not leave the premises. He did not leave. MPD and process servers arrived. He was not arrested though; only removed from the premises.

Trash day comes and goes. The aftermath of the eviction remains. Finally, MHA does its job and cleans up the mess.

That is not the end of the story. It seems that only the mentally challenged daughter is now living with local relatives. According to a neighbor, the recreational drug abuser son is dividing his time between an abandoned house and the streets. That is never a good situation.


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