Everyday you should wake with a goal in mind. Never let the day pass without accomplishing that goal. A day that passes without accomplishing your goal is a wasted day. My goal for today; do as little as possible.

The day began well. I was up by six AM to let Molly and Cheyenne out. Then as quickly as possible, I was back in bed. I was up again around seven-thirty and had coffee ready for the wife and me just in time to watch CBS Sunday Morning. Searched the front yard for the morning paper during the first commercial break, and spent the rest of the morning (at least until nine-thirty) in bed watching Charles Osgood, drinking coffee and reading the paper. We prepared a late breakfast of steamed eggs, sausage and homemade biscuits around ten and finished the paper as we ate. Not too shabby. As little as possible, remember?

Ida arrived around noon. Wife and she had planned to go shopping. She brought Magoo (her Springer Spaniel/Bassett mix with her for some playtime with Molly and Cheyenne. I opted to stay home and watch the dogs. (Like they really needed watching.) I read while they played. So far, perfect.

Wife and Ida were only gone a couple of hours. By the time they returned we were all pretty hungry. So I cooked dinner; kielbasa and fresh veggies on the grill. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Wife even cut the veggies for me. Remember the goal.

I like Sundays. There was a time when I didn’t though. Sundays were just the days before Mondays. And Mondays were (dare I say it) workdays. Therefore, Sundays were the days that I prepared for Mondays. That meant preparing lesson plans, grading papers, calling parents and doing other teacher things. Sundays didn’t truly belong to me.

But they belong to me now. And Mondays? I ain't got to get ready for no Mondays. I don't need to get ready for no Mondays. I don't have to go to work on any stinkin’ Mondays!


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