Too busy

The last few days have been busy around the old homestead. What with kitty and puppy wrangling, doctor appointments and just general household chores, writing was relegated to back forty.

Doctor appointments loomed large yesterday, though only one was mine. I had to see my cardiologist’s research folks at Stern. No big, really. The Mom had an eye exam, while The Wife needed to pop by the sleep lab for an adjustment of her sleep machine. Since all of these are located in Cordova, we made all the appointments for the same day. Seemed like a good idea at the time. We got to the first appointment at nine and did not leave the area until one-thirty.

Have you noticed that everything seems to be headed east? All my medical people with the exception of two are in the Cordova area. The Wife’s are mostly in Cordova now, though she and The Mom’s shared primary care physician is Southwind bound. The dentist of choice for the three of us moved to Collierville several years ago. No one is near anymore. Even the vet we prefer works out of a Cordova office.


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