City tax hike

The Memphis City Council has approved a twenty-seven cent property tax increase. What does that mean for Memphians? It means quite a lot actually. There will be those who will bitch and gripe at the twenty-seven cent property tax increase of course, but you have to ask yourself one question. Do you want city services at least back to the level they were a year ago, or do want to live in a dirty, unkempt city that doesn’t provide at least adequate services for it’s residents?
When the Memphis City Council approved a 27-cent tax rate increase and a new budget Tuesday night, it meant restoring many of the services that were cut recently. These services will resume at the start of the new fiscal year, July 1.

Weekly recycling pickups instead of twice a month.

Park mowing returns to twice monthly instead of once.

Daily litter pickups in parks instead of weekly cleanups.

Roadside mowing back on schedule.

Vacant lot mowing back on schedule.

Sharpe Planetarium reopens with increased admission.

Summer camps will start with fee increases.

Athletic leagues can take to the fields with new fees for teams that
aren't sponsored by the parks division.

Community centers reopen on Saturdays. Full story>>


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