Edgar Ray Killen gets the max

PHILADELPHIA, Miss. -- Former Ku Klux Klansman Edgar Ray Killen was wheeled before a judge Thursday, an 80-year-old vestige of Mississippi's hate-filled past, and was sentenced to 60 years in prison for the 1964 slayings of three civil rights workers.

Amazing. I expected him to be convicted. In this day and age, a Mississippi court could not do otherwise. What I did not expect was that he would get the maximum sentence of sixty years. The judge knew that a light sentence would not fly. The public would not stand for that. Anything over a year would not have made much of a different considering Killen’s age (80) and state of health. He would probably die before serving a year. So give him the maximum. Justice is served and a message is sent to all the others involved in the murders that are still alive. Mississippi is looking for you. When found, we will try you, convict you and sentence you to the maximum that the law allows.

For the full story go to Killen gets 60-years for killings of 3 rights workers.


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