How long Lord, how long ...

This morning while watching one of the news shows, there was a report on the Michael Jackson trial. Like so many other people, I am so over hearing about the Jackson trial, or so I thought. There is a new player. The Rev. Jesse Jackson is now a spokesperson for the singer. Doesn’t it seem that whenever there is some event involving any type of celebrity, Rev. Jesse is there? It may be a rule, though it’s probably more of a guideline actually. I just wonder how long it will be before Rev. Jesse shows up here as a spokesperson for the Tennessee Waltz indictees? It could happen.

“He’s in excruciating pain,” the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who met with the singer, told CBS’ “The Early Show” on Monday. “The physical pain is real. There’s also a sense that he feels betrayed by those that he trusted and was betrayed before a jury.”Full story>>


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