"I guess they made some bad choices."

We have all been talking to people, reading about this Tennessee Waltz indictment case, and getting some unexpected reaction from certain quarters. There are those who feel that Ford (et al) is being persecuted because they are Black. This is the South, isn’t it? Someone is required to play the race card. (It is not so much a rule; more of a guideline really.) So why are a couple of the “et al” that were indicted White? Did you notice that the all fish they went after were both Black and White? Not everyone contacted went for the bait. For those that will say, “More Blacks than Whites were indicted,” I say think. Blacks are not a minority here anymore. We are the majority. We have not been a minority here for several years.

Then there are many who are crying entrapment. Of course, the F.B.I. was fishing, but fishing does not mean entrapment. Fishing usually occurs when there is some indication of wrongdoing. Moreover, don’t forget, those indicted had the option of saying no? As Tristen (one of the grandsons) would say, “I guess they made some bad choices.”


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