I'm pissed

Last Wednesday, The Wife and I left for the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It seems that bizarre things tend to happen whenever we leave the state for a few days. The last time we left for any length of time Herenton began his fourth term as mayor, declared himself God’s own choice and mightily pissed off the City Council. (January 2004)

What has got me so pissed? In yesterday’s Commercial Appeal, guest columnist Ann Chynoweth’s "‘Hog-dog’ fighting should be outlawed" discussed why Tennessee legislators need to ban this barbaric blood-sport. Many of us thought it would be banned. Months ago, Sen. Curtis Person (R-Memphis) and Rep. Brian Kelsey (R-Germantown) co-sponsored a bill that would have done just that. Said bill was approved by the Senate in April (29-3), but the House never brought it to a vote. I’d like to know why?

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