Let the voting begin

Saturday, The Wife and I joined over four hundred of our fellow Shelby County Democrats at the University of Memphis to choose delegates to the upcoming Shelby County Democratic Convention scheduled for July 23. There was quit a turnout. The article below is from the WMCTV site.

County Democrats see big turnout to elect delegates

Shelby County Democrats voted on new delegates today just weeks after state Senator Kathryn Bowers stepped down as party chairman amid a corruption scandal.

Today the county democrats packed the University of Memphis Student center.

State Representative Barbara Cooper says she thinks recent events may have prompted the big turnout.

"Somehow we've generated some interest, in the past we've had some, but something's come alive, maybe it's TennCare," said Rep. Barbara Cooper.

Bowers wasn't the only lawmaker to step down because of the Tennessee Waltz scandal. John Ford resigned his position as state Senator.


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