Memorial Day, 2005

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These are my heroes. From the top, the photos are of The Mom’s father (Willie Smith), mother (Haggue L. Smith) and brother (Willie B. Smith). All three are buried here at National Cemetery. Willie Smith was in France during World War I. Willie B. served a tour in Germany during the early 1950s. Haggue is there because of her right to be buried next to her husband Willie. She certainly earned that right.

I didn’t go to see them this past Monday. I didn’t plan to go. I don’t have to go there to see or to honor them. Everyday I do that, wherever I am. They know I haven’t forgotten them. They know I still love and respect them, and they know I always will. They know.

These three helped raise me, therefore they know that I haven’t forgotten the lessons they taught. Lessons taught by example and through action. Lessons like being responsible for one’s own actions, standing up for what you believe, being respectful (especially to elders), the importance of fairplay, being compassionate but tough and always let your actions reflect your sense of honor and justice. They taught me to take a stand, even if it is an unpopular one, and that the majority doesn’t always get it right. And, never sit on the fence. Just, “Be always sure you’re right, then go ahead.” They know I have not forgotten. They know.


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