More on Memorial Day, 2005

So what did we do Memorial Day? We went shopping. Shopping usually means a field trip to Home Despot. Let’s see; ten bags of top soil, eight bags of mulch, two bags of sand (for Gerry, a neighbor), and six gallons of sedum.

Once back at the homestead, Ida helped The Wife spread mulch on the front yard’s crop circle, helped build the impending rose garden in the outback, while I mowed and edged the front yard. All this while Magoo played with our Cheyenne and Mollie. Later we grilled chicken and ears of corn for dinner. (Translation: I grilled chicken and ears of corn for dinner.) That, with Ida’s hors d’oeuvres, Chinese salad, and The Wife’s heavily tequila-laced lemonades made for a grand feast indeed.


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