Okay, so what have I missed?

Let’s begin with State Senator Kathryn Bowers. It seems that the senator’s campaign fund is $40,000 in debt. So she invites lobbyists to a reception at $250 a head. Isn’t this illegal? Just asking. Inquirin’ minds …

If I were a lobbyist and this is legal, I’d think twice about throwing my support (and cash) behind an indicted lawmaker. Know what I mean? For the full story go to Indicted Lawmaker Wants Help Paying Bills.

Then there’s the news that local governments can seize homes and businesses for private development. Come on people; this is just wrong. Granted, I haven’t been reading the newspapers or watching TV news for the last few days, but the last I time I checked we were living in the United States. Go to Seizing Property Excerpts for more info.


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