The Plan for Iraq

Speaking of Iraq, Fafblog has the best explanation of the Bush administration's plans for Iraq that I've found to date.

Your Guide to The Plan

Q: So what's the plan?

A: The plan is to stick with the plan! If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Q: Why do we need the plan?

A: To stop terrorists like Saddam bin Laden from building another World Trade Center in Iraq - just so they can blow it up again.

Q: That would be horrible! How is the plan stopping them?

A: The plan is the central front in the war against terror! We invaded Iraq to get Iraqis to fight us in Iraq so they wouldn't fight us at home.

Q: The plan has cleverly lured them to where they already were, only in terrorist form!

A: Now you're catchin on!

Q: Hey, I know! We should invade like a small cardboard box. When all the terrorists attack there, we'll jump out of the way, tape up the box, and throw it in the ocean! No more terrorists!

A: Hey! No peeking ahead at the plan! For the rest of The Plan>>


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