Today The Wife, a neighbor and I went to the Land Use Control Board meeting at city hall. This meeting was supposed to approve or disapprove Radiological Assistance, Consulting and Engineering’s (RACE) application to build a low-level radioactive-waste incinerator facility on Presidents Island. For the most part, the community is, oh how shall I say it, “up in arms” over the prospect of these facilities being so close to their homes and schools. This opposition is a loose alliance of the local chapter of the Sierra Club, Memphis Truth.Org., the Riverview Collaborative Neighborhood Association and several other community groups. Saw several people I knew during my time spent in non-profits.

It was suggested by the chair of the Land Use Control Board that this issue be held until both sides had covered all bases. The representatives for the opposition groups all agreed. No date was set for the next meeting at which this case would be addressed.

My personal opinion about this situation: I don’t like it. The idea of a radioactive-waste incinerator so close to our homes and to the various (dangerous) facilities on President’s Island is not good.

For more information go to the Commercial Appeal article Board to consider permits for radioactive waste-processing plant. Also see MemphisTruth.Org.


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