South Memphis: Neighborhood Fun, Pt. III

We met the new neighbor this morning, we being The Wife, Gerry and yours truly. His name is Louis (I don’t remember the last name) and he seems to be about my age. (Don’t ask.) He seems to be a nice person. We hope so. We need more of the nice variety when it comes to neighbors around here.

The owner of the house introduced us to Louis. Right, Louis is a renter, though that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Many renters care for the property better than the owner does. Some do not. It seems that we know the owner too. She and her family were living in the house when The Wife and I moved into the neighborhood.

The property I’ve been talking about is not the property I referred in South Memphis: Neighborhood Fun, Pts. II and I. That house is still empty. Louis is moving into the house next door to that one.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Louis.


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