With us all, may The Force be

Several posts back I mentioned that The Wife and I attended Saturday’s Shelby County Democratic Party Caucus held at the University of Memphis. (We were among those chosen to be delegates to the July 23 convention.) Below is part of Jackson Baker’s Memphis Flyer article on the caucus. Read it you must.

The first stage of the local Democrats’ reorganization is over, and after Saturday’s party caucuses at the University of Memphis, it is no easier than it was beforehand to predict who will be the next party chairman. But one thing was obvious: The affair was dominated not by either of the party’s traditional blocs (usually referred to as the Ford faction and the Herenton faction in a rough but accurate shorthand).

No, the leading influence on Saturday was – how to say it? – the Third Force, the New Force, or maybe just The Force! Full Story>>


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