The dictionary says that compromise is “a settlement of differences in which each side makes concessions.” Now that’s a concept that is practically unknown in the city of Memphis. Take for example the non-issue of renaming Confederate, Forrest and Davis parks. One faction claims the names are offensive because of the Confederate connections, while the other staunchly wants to retain the original names by playing the history card. (Yes Virginia, there is also a history card.) What to do, what to do?

Smart City Memphis seems to have come up with a nifty idea.

Maybe the Sons of the Confederacy are right. Taking the names of their heroes off Memphis parks is rewriting history. Instead of rewriting history, maybe we just need to write it right.

To do this, there is already precedent for our simple compromise – add the names of African-American civil rights heroes to the names of the Confederate loyalists. Full post >>

I like the idea and think it is worth a try. The factions will either love it or hate it.


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