Confederate group gathers for ceremony

The Sons of Confederate Veterans are marking the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the park's statue of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest. It also marks the 184th anniversary of Forrest's birth on July 13, 1821.

The group plans to re-dedicate the statue with a ceremony at 2 p.m. There will also be re-enactors and exhibits in the park including a group of photographs of Forrest, some of which have seldom been seen in public.

As an African-American and a Memphian, I do not have a problem with this, although some Memphians do. Civil War re-enactors representing both sides of that conflict have done so for decades. In that sense, The Sons of Confederate Veterans are no different from any other re-enactors.

However, about the minstrel show that had been planned. That would have presented a problem. In this day, that type of entertainment has no place in our city, or in any other city for that matter. It is degrading.

This event also brings up the controversy concerning the names of certain city parks. For some Black Memphians the names Forrest, Confederate and Jefferson Davis are highly offensive and should be renamed. I disagree with this. These parks were named during a different era. The names do not reflect the sentiments that existed when these parks were first dedicated. If we change the names of these parks, what about all the others place names in the country that are offense to some group? Do we have the time or the money to change them all?

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