The wife and I were on the phone for most of the night with number one son. Number one son and his wife live in Biloxi. They also work at casinos, though different ones. With Dennis inbound the whole coast was making plans for a major bug-out. Everyone it seems except the Mississippi Gaming Commission. Though the M.G.C. emptied the hotels by noon yesterday, the casinos were not closed until 5 P.M. By then, northbound roads out were clogged.

Number one son calls around 5:30 P.M. He needs help. He wants a back road route from Biloxi to Grayson Louisiana. (Number one daughter-in-laws’ grandmother lives in Grayson.) In addition, an alternate route; just in case. So, we fire up the computer and start plotting routes. He and the wife hadn’t decided if they would bug-out or batten down and weather.

(Shortly after we talked, Big scary moment occurred. Didn’t you read the previous post?)

By six, they had decided to bug-out. They kept in touch during most of the drive so that we could help vector when needed. We last heard from them around 2 A.M. They were almost there.

According to the local weather pundits, we should be getting heavy weather here around midnight. Mostly they’re predicting just heavy rains and winds. No big. However, that also means that because we need to do some shopping, it is imperative that we get into (and out of) Wally World before the hordes in search for milk and bread descend.


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