There were other interesting statements on the subject of freedom in today's CA. A few are below.

When I think of freedom, I think of people having the same opportunities in life regardless of race, gender, religion or lifestyle. I think of people being paid fair and decent wages. I think of a government that provides education and health care for its citizens. Caleb Calhoun>>

Another danger is freedom misunderstood and misapplied. Where there is freedom there is responsibility. There are valid restrictions on the ways in which Americans can exercise their freedom that prevent harm to the health, safety and welfare of individuals and families. Hickman Ewing Jr.>>

Freedom means more to me than just the absence of physical constraints and restricted access. Freedom also means that one's intelligence, talents and potential are emancipated in the minds of those who hold certain groups to a lesser expectation. Kathy O. Lofton>>

Released from institutionalized bondage, however, one's point of view would no doubt shift. African-Americans like me stopped focusing on the idea of "freedom from" and started thinking of "freedom to." I am free to express myself, to seek the job I want, to define a new identity for myself within society and to seek out new experiences. As long as I respect the laws of the land, I am under no other individual's control. I have the power of self-determination. Rev. Dwight Montgomery>>

Those who defend American freedoms are fighting across our country every day. So this Fourth of July, alongside our venerated war veterans, we should thank the social workers, the lawyers, the government officials and the numerous other idealists who fight for those with no voice. They do the work that so often goes unnoticed but keeps our basic freedoms intact. These are the people who accept the responsibility for honest work and leadership that comes with freedom. Let us recognize them. Althea Northcross>>

We in the United States want to do good things around the world. We want to introduce peace and freedom to all countries, but in return we seem to be rewarded with more and more enemies. Our President and others in government talk about national security, but how about securing freedom at our level? Zofia Schmidt >>


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