I’m impressed

Steve Haley is running for the Tennessee State Senate seat that John Ford vacated. You do remember John Ford, don’t you? How about the Tennessee Waltz? Yeah, you got it. Anyway, last night the wife, number one daughter and I attended a “meet Steve Haley” gathering in Mid-Town. The wife and I knew him from Memphis Magazine/The Memphis Flyer; number one daughter graduated from White Station with his son John.

We were curious as to where Haley stood on the issues. I could go into detail here and do what would end up sounding like an endorsement thing, but I won’t. He does have a website, so go there.

*I have been fortunate to have a successful career in public education and do not intend to benefit from my public position. If elected, I will donate my Senate salary to a scholarship fund for students to a Tennessee institution of higher learning. One student from each high school in the 29th Senate district will be awarded an equal percentage based on criteria to be determined.

He doesn’t intend to benefit from his public position. Donate his salary? Way to go. Maybe we should require all elected officials to donate their salaries to something this worthy. If elected maybe Haley will become the standard by which we measure all elected officials.

*Quoted from campaign literature


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