Speaking of fund-raisers …

Anyone who read today’s Commercial Appeal must have seen the articles on Billy Dunavant. (Front page section A above the fold and continued on pages 14 and 15) However, did you read the articles? Did you read it all?

If you did read it all, you read this:

By the roughest estimate, Dunavant has given more than $50 million to causes everywhere.

A few Sundays ago, he showed up for services at First Baptist Church Broad Avenue, an African-American congregation trying to rebuild its Binghamton neighborhood with a $7 million renovation of the old Lester Elementary School.

"We'd met the minister, Keith Norman, at a fund-raiser we had for Harold Ford Jr. at our house," said Dunavant, an avowed Republican. "He asked us to come to the church, so we did. I was really impressed with him. That church is doing some good things in that community. And it's a tough area they're trying to survive in. We sent them some money." Ten thousand dollars.

Did you get the “fund-raiser we had for Harold Ford Jr.” and the “avowed Republican” parts? Interesting, isn’t it? What’s it all about, Alfie?

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