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One of my cripes concerning this town has always been the news coverage. I am especially referring to the Commercial Appeal. For years I felt the CA’s coverage … well, it sucked. Over the past several years though I have noticed a gradual change for the better in the CA. That’s why I can’t understand why the CA neglected to report on the June 25 Shelby County Democratic Party Caucus. What’s up with that CA?

The letter below was published in today’s CA.

New Democratic coalition ignored

Your silence on the June 25 Shelby County Democratic Party Caucus is baffling. For years, a good deal of Memphis politics has been ruled by two factions: the Chism/Herenton faction and the Ford faction.

At this caucus, a grass-roots coalition of more than 150 Democrats, the vast majority of whom were participating in this process for the first time, organized their wards and precincts, brought out support and won a significant number of ward/precinct delegate positions.

These individuals, tired of "politics as usual," decided to do something. As a result, the Convention Coalition group has the potential of having a major impact on the selection of county Democratic Party executive committee and, in turn, on the selection of the next party chairman.
Other media managed to cover this important event, but you have been silent. Why, when so many new faces stepped up, ran, and were elected precinct delegates. Where is the "fair" and "complete" reporting of this significant event in local Democratic politics?

Ann Sandberg

By the way, the wife and I are two of the mentioned delegates.


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