Ford on Iraq

“I support this war in Iraq. I supported it from the very beginning for one reason. Saddam Hussein was a bad guy. Now, there are those who criticize and quarrel with this, and make the point over and over again that perhaps we shouldn’t have done it the way we’ve done it, and I would agree. But I wouldn’t blame the president, or anybody else for that matter, from waking up on September 12th and wondering aloud what would happen if Saddam Hussein and bin Laden married.

So spoke Harold Ford Jr. Friday night at the University of Memphis Law School Alumni’s annual awards banquet. I think we had all hoped HFJ would not fit into the standard Ford mold. We'd hoped he would be better than that, and in a sense he has been. However, from the beginning there’s been a problem. After hearing him speak you either come away unclear as to where he stands or certain that he doesn’t stand with democrats. Then there is his voting record. I can’t support him.

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