I know, it’s only rock and roll but I like it …

The normally apolitical Rolling Stones have no sympathy for President Bush.

In the refrain of the 13th track on their upcoming album, Mick Jagger belts out the refrain: "How come you're so wrong, my sweet neo-con?"

"You call yourself a Christian, I call you a hypocrite," the verse goes. "You call yourself a patriot. Well, I think you are full of s---!

Fans have been buzzing about the tune, with many up in arms over rumors that Virgin Records cut it from the final disk, fearing America's conservative-owned radio networks and big-box chain stores would refuse to play or stock it.

At least the Stones get it. Now if just those pesky neo-cons would. For the full story >>

And then there’s this …

Keith Richards says if the Rolling Stones were a mom-and-pop operation, Mick Jagger would be the "Mum."

"Mick has to get up in the morning with a plan," Richards tells Newsweek magazine in its latest issue. "Who he's going to call, what he's going to eat, where he's going to go. Me, I wake up, praise the Lord, then make sure all the phones are turned off. If we were a mum-and-pop operation, then he'd be Mum."

I had to throw this one in. It’s so Keith. For the full story >>


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