If you are not outraged, you have not been paying attention.

It seems that some have forgotten that we are fast approaching a Special General Election to be held September 15. We, being those of us who live in Tennessee Senate District 29 and House District 87. John Ford’s senate seat and Kathryn Bower’s old house seat need filling. At this point unless you’ve been living off planet you know why those seats are empty. So I won’t go into it here.

The democratic contender for the District 29 seat vacated by Ford is his sister, Ophelia. Ophelia Ford. I have a problem with this. Do you? If you don’t, you should. Just what qualifies her for political office? How has she served the people in the past? Where does she stand on the issues? When do we find out where she stands on the issues? Does she even know what the issues are?

The answers:
She hasn’t.
I don’t know.
We probably won’t.
Hell if I know.

To vote for a person who will not address the issues of the district,makes you stupid. To vote for someone just because their name happens to be Ford, makes you stupid. To vote for someone because their brother served,and that someone has no history of service,makes you stupid. To vote for someone who want even put up a sign letting you know there're running,because they feel that they have your vote in the bag is stupid.

You have to be stupid or the damnest fool in the world to allow yourself to be taken for granted.

And the kicker: She’ll probably be elected just because her last name is FORD. So what do we do?


Blogger SgtLarry said...

Vote for Mongo --- I am.

See Anybody But Ford blog http://anybodybutford.blogspot.com/

Tue Aug 30, 09:42:00 PM CDT  

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