I just overheard a conversation between Number One Daughter and her husband concerning the War on Terror or whatever the Bush administration is calling the war this week. Like so many Americans, they are both fed up with the way Bush is conducting the war and are losing confidence in him. The son-in-law mentioned that WWI lasted four years and WWII for almost five. Wars are often lengthy. He felt that one option to end it might be to kill a great enough number of the enemy to make those that survive lose confidence in their leaders and give up. The only problem with that is the fact that for the enemy, this is a religious war. In WWI and WWII religion wasn’t a major factor, but Islamic fundamentalism drives this one.

While NOD has been home, I’ve seen a change in her attitude toward the war. During her visit, she has been able to talk to some of our friends who have loved ones who are over there. She was able to talk to Gordon*, our “son” via Instant Messenger who is there now. In addition, her long time friend Peter* just happened to be home on leave. Peter is a medic. He brought home photos that show the real war. These are photos that the media could never make public.

NOD, Peter and Mrs. Cg Posted by Picasa

Interesting, isn’t it? Sometimes events have to become personal in order for our true feelings to emerge.

*Of course these aren’t their real names.


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